the dildomaker is a pencil sharpener-esque device that shaves an object into the shape of a dingaling. 

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Kids Smiling From All Over the world

أصدقاء للابد

let them always smile….

one of the best things to hit my dash

precious little human beings

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The future …

Walmart is losing workers

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When I entered my first year of college in Iowa, a strange pattern began to emerge as I got to know my classmates. “Oh, you’re Vietnamese?” they’d ask. “I love pho!” And then the whispered question—“Am I saying that right?” I would hear this again and again from that point on. I’m Vietnamese? They love pho!

What can one say in response? “Oh, you’re white? I love tuna salad!” 

—From “Craving the Other" in the Bitch's Food Issue by writer Soleil Ho.

Effects of Water Filtration on Marijuana Smoke


Wu tang clan